Lunch and Coffee in Canggu

Lunch in Avocado House Canggu

While waiting for our race tomorrow, we’re looking for activities to fill the day. We were pondering of going to Penglipuran Village or Pura Lempuyang in eastern Bali. But as we found out the trip would take about 2 hours or more to those locations, we decided to preserve our energy and looking for a nearby place to chill in instead.

So we decided to go to Canggu. Which apparently is not so far in distance but took quite long trip due to traffic. And most of the best places in Canggu were best to be visited during sunset. Or brunch. After you had your coffee ride in the morning.

Anyway, we arrived in Canggu at lunch time. From browsing various sites we chose to have lunch at Advocado Factory.

Lunch at Advocado Factory

Advocado House Canggu during lunch time

Advocado Factory is rated 4.9 at Google, and also among recommended places in Canggu with high satisfaction ratings from visitors.

The place itself is smaller than I expected. But the waitress greeted us warmly, and they took our order very quickly.

I ordered the recommended BB52 burgers, while Elok chose Avocado croissant. Both are excellent. The cheese in Elok’s croissant is so good, while my burger and beef bacon is quite tasty.

From these two dishes, I can understand why Avocado Factory is among the popular places in Canggu.

Avocado House entrance and the delicious BB52 burger

Coffe at Miel

Two of us at Miel Coffee

After lunch we grab coffee at Miel. With 4.9 rating out of 850+ reviews in Google, this is a sure bet.

And we’re not wrong.

The place is quite spacious and bright, thanks to the glass facade which help the natural light to enter the place.

The minimalistic interior helps the place to have clean, modern and refreshing ambience.

Ambience at Miel Coffee Canggu

The coffee are also great. My long black comes with house blend of Sumatra Gayo and Java Dampit beans. It has strong body and chocolaty taste.

Elok also seems to be happy with her cappuccino. We also noticed there are couple of foreign tourists that become regulars at Miel. Looking at the friendliness of the waitress, the ambience of the cafe, and the quality of the coffee, I surely know why.

Two great finds from our first visit to Canggu!


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