My 2022 Annual Sports Review

Few of my sports activities in 2022

Here it comes again. The time for my Annual Sports Review.

If I look at my Sports resolution for 2022, I failed in many aspects. Let me recap those, taken from this post:

  • Perform more regular exercise.
  • Improve Sporting Stats – how about:
    • Total Distance more than 4.000 km
    • Total Active days more than 200 days
    • Run Half Marathon distance
    • Improve average pace on cycling and running
    • Improve Swolf
    • Lower golf score (by practicing short game)
  • Participate/compete in real triathlon and running event.
  • Win another golf tournament.
Iben’s 2022 Sports Resolution

I thought I would be do running or cycling more frequently during weekdays.

I didn’t.

Aside from work commitments (I know, excuses) – I have more valid reason: the tragic loss of my brother.

Since my brother passed away due to bicycle accident in February 2022, I stopped most of my exercises for 3 months. Especially cycling. As I and the family still kind of traumatized by the accident.

Strava Sports Stats 2022

Hence, all of my sports stats went down hill. Looking at my Strava fitness stats, it went down from 100+% to around 20%. There goes my Sports resolution in 2022, especially on Sporting Stats. Let’s look the complete report of my Strava:

Strava Highlights 2022: Running became my Top Sport
  • Total Distance: Aiming to do 4.000 km, I only managed 2.456 kilometers (down from 3.951 km in 2021).
  • Total Active Days: Targeting more than 200 days, I did it for 134 days (down from 183 days in 2021)
  • Average Pace on Cycling, Running and Swolf: relatively unchanged – if it’s improved, not significant.
Strava Elevation Gain and Distance Stats 2022
Picked up the pace, but not consistently

But actually not all is bad. I managed to achieve some of the resolutions:

Perform More Regular Exercise

Yes, I did this. It’s just not the way I imagined last year. And it’s been only one month.

Since the beginning of December, I signed up to Fitness First in Oakwood, Mega Kuningan. And bought a package which include Personal Trainer. This push me to do the exercise more regularly. At least 2 times per day.

Enjoying my progress in fitness

Now I’m beginning to work my muscles through various strengh workouts. So far, it shows result. My muscle mass has gained, contributing to my body weight. I hope I can stay consistent and reap a good result. Let me get back to you early next year 🙂

Run Half Marathon Distance

I was never a long distance runner. But going further than 10K run always tickle my mind. Besides, I’m more and more enjoying running than ever before. The simplicity of this sport (you just wear your running shoes, and off you go!), and the physical exercise it took really pull me into it. Hence running longer become a next logical step. And as you can see in my Strava stats, running already became my top sports in 2022.

Enjoy more and more of running last year

Hence, I had a go. And it was harder than I thought.

But then I stepped the ante. Not only I ran the HM distance, but I also joined Jakarta Marathon this year taking HM. Although the timing was below my target, but I’m quite pleased to cross one of my year’s resolution. Full marathon next? Not sure about that, but we’ll see!

Participate/Compete in Real Triathlon and Running Event

This year, finally after the COVID Pandemic has subsided, we were able to experience the real races. I participated in three of them:

  • Belitung Triathlon (Sprint Distance)
  • Maybank Marathon (10K Distance)
  • Jakarta Marathon (HM Distance)

For Belitung Triathlon, it was my first “real” triathlon. Previously, I joined GOTTONG, which is golf triathlon. I was so happy to finally call myself a triathlete, although I only finished the Sprint Distance. Next time, hopefully I can train better, and complete the olympic distance Triathlon.

Participating the real triathlon in Belitung

As for the running races, I had great experience running with my wife on Maybank Bali Marathon. Not so much on Jakarta Marathon, although it was my first HM distance race. Looking forward for more races this year!

Win Another Golf Tournament

I didn’t win a golf tournament. But I scooped a prize in the last tournament I joined: Longest Drive. It might not be the ultimate prize that I aim for. But given the nice trophy and money prize, I’m glad to get it. Especially since I played well in that tournament. But from 4-5 attempts I didn’t sink a single birdie putt, which cost me the ultimate prize. So, rather than go home empty handed, this one would do. Hahaha.

Won the longest drive prize

But honestly for the past few months, I feel my golf game in very good form. Especially my Iron play. I feel confident in the approach, and resulting to a good score.

My golf stats in 2022 doesn’t show an improvement though. That’s also because I played very little golf this year compared previous years. In total I completed only 10 rounds. And I didn’t play particularly well in first half of the year. Although my golf stats remain more or less the same, my Handicap is down to 11.4.

But believe me, with the form I’m enjoying right now, I’m getting there to my best golf game.

My 2022 Golf Stats

What’s Next Year’s Resolution?

So what’s next for this year’s sports resolution? Let me put some of them:

  • Consistent in my fitness exercise. Build Muscle Mass resulting better posture, strong back and body weight > 65 kg
  • Complete Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • Participate in at least 3 running race events
  • Break 80s in my golf game, and win a tournament.

So there you go.

And oh, before I finish this post, maybe you’re wondering why there’s no new Sports Gear section this year? That’s right, I even can’t believe it myself. There’s no new gear whatsoever bought this year. No bike. No shoes. No new golf clubs. Haha. I don’t feel too bad then for not achieving many of my sports resolution this year 🙂

See you next year.

Pictures of my sports activities in 2022

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